Instructables Restaurant – Branding

Branding Open-Source Restaurant

Instructable Restaurant is the first Open-Source restaurant in the world. Enjoying the soup? Take the recipe home with you. Would the chairs suit your interior at home? Take home a recipe for those as well.

Everything you see in the restaurant can be made at home. The entire menu and interior has its recipe and is created by using Open-Source instructions, shared by users on Nothing is designed by the restaurant itself, only using Open-Source resources found online.

Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel created the Instructables Restaurant and asked me to develop and create a visual identity for them. This resulted in the template for the recipes and a design for a travelling Instructables Restaurant-cart, which is used around the country to set up Instructable Restaurants in various places.

The Instructables Restaurant is featured in the book ‘Open Design Now’, a collection of various Open-Source projects by Premsela, Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands.